Tip 4- Pre-wedding photography

Picking a photographer for the wedding day is no easy feat. The photographer plays an integral role in capturing your most special day with still images for you to cherish for the rest of your lives. I know that nowadays, every other person attending the wedding will have the latest digital, whizzkid camera on their bodies but the guests are there to enjoy the day and not to situate themselves in a perfect photo taking position.

S and I were lucky that we didn’t have to look far for our photographer. Sean East will be snapping away at us in 10 days time. Apart from the obvious photographer choosing tips such as:

– review a wedding album
– ask for a reference
– check if they are familiar with the venue and the Church

See if your photographer will include a pre-wedding photo shoot. The photos from this shoot can double up as engagement photographs and can be inserted in the guest album. Most importantly though, this gives both the bride and the groom an ideal opportunity to get comfortable with the photographer and to understand how he will position you on the day for the most flattering (and hopefully stunning) photos.

Sean’s website: http://www.seansphotography.co.uk

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One thought on “Tip 4- Pre-wedding photography

  1. Sean says:

    Thanks Celeidh for some useful advice. I love your wedding photos, even though I say so myself.

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